Pinnacle Living Aged Care – recent installation of their second Hydroxypure system. The residents are more inclined to use the swimming pool facilities because the swimming experience is much better. No chlorine odour within the indoor environment and the fresh water experience has been the positive feedback from the patrons at Pinnacle Aged Care.

Luxton Hydrotherapy Centre SA – a joint venture between private enterprise and local council has seen the construction of a state of the art hydrotherapy centre in the South Australian town of Luxton. With a purpose-built facility constructed, it was extremely important for all stake holders to ensure that corrosion would not lead to degradation the new structure. Hydroxypure delivers a clean air environment that is non-corrosive along with crystal clear water. With most of the aspects of the water treatment requirements automatically controlled and remotely monitored, the day to day operation at the site continues with minimal fuss.

Somerset Collage Gold Coast – the prestigious private collage located at the foot of the Hinterland on the Gold Coast has one of the best facilities in the area. Boasting an Olympic size swimming pool along with a baby and adult learn to swim pool, the centre attracts extremely high bather loads. This site will accommodate several of the countries as a training venue for the upcoming Commonwealth Games on the Gold Cost next year so they take water quality very seriously. With the recent conversion of the adult learn to swim pool over to Hydroxypure the results have been outstanding. Improved water quality, no chlorine odours, corrosion of structure and internal fittings in swimming pool minimised and reduced work to operate the facility are all part of the transformation at this site. The operational costs at this site have also been lower than expectation as a result of using the latest upgraded Perox range of chemicals at this site.