In periods of extremely high usage or significant water dilution, more frequent testing and maintenance may be required. Please ensure that you follow the correct procedure for filling the pool and that pool water chemical levels are carefully monitored.

Hydroxypure is a system of components. Attempting to operate the system without correctly installing all components, or with chemicals other than those recommended in this manual may result in the system not functioning correctly, failure of the system, may be hazardous, or may cause adverse effects to your swimming pool or bathers.

NOTE:  Low levels of either Perox (hydrogen peroxide) and/or Hybrid Ozone will result in a failure of the system to adequately maintain healthy, crystal clean water.

7.1 Regular Care

Waterco recommends that you have your water tested regularly by your local pool professional who is trained and accredited in the operation of Hydroxypure. A record of testing should always be kept for reference.

7.1.1 Water testing and balancing

For the very best results, it is important to ensure the water is balanced as per the recommended levels.

The pH is level is maintained by the control unit (provided the Hydrochloric Acid chemical drum is not empty). The consumption of Perox sanitiser can be minimised provided that the recommended balances are maintained.

The chemical system comprises of following elements:

i. Perox hydrogen peroxide blends.

ii. Perox “Perfect”

NOTE: Perox sanitisers are blends of hydrogen peroxide. Other forms of hydrogen peroxide that have not been specifically designed for Hydroxypure and approved by Waterco should not be used.


Maintenance Program Chart


Product Add
Perox Start-Up

Refer to the recommended dosage for the pool

size and add:

Please refer to section 10 for this table Then maintenance;

  • Middle of Summer e.g. January
  • Middle of Winter e.g. July
  • At least 14 days after using Perox Perfect

Perox Perfect

Refer to the recommended dosage for the pool size and add:

  • Weekly
  • Fortnightly

Aqua~Health Pool Sentinel

Optional preventative maintenance;

1 tablet / 50,000 litres per month

To help resolve issues;

1 tablet / 50,000 litres per week for 6-8 weeks,

then as per preventative maintenance

Water testing should be carried out weekly.

Water balancing should be carried out as required with, to ensure water is balanced within the following parameters, and within these tolerances be balanced to the Langelier Saturation Index within a range of -0.2 to +0.2.

Perox (hydrogen peroxide) 100-150 ppm
Calcium Hardness 180-400 ppm
Alkalinity 40-80 ppm
pH 7.4-7.8
Phosphates < 2.5 ppm
Polyquat 2.5-7 ppm

Table 7-1

In periods of extremely high usage or significant water dilution, more frequent testing may be and maintenance may be required.

7.1.2 High levels hydrogen peroxide

High levels of hydrogen peroxide may cause irritations to the skin and eyes. Always ensure that the levels are maintained at 100-150ppm.

7.1.3 Low levels hydrogen peroxide

Low levels of hydrogen peroxide will fail to maintain a safe and pristine pool. Always ensure that the levels are maintained at 100-150ppm.

7.1.4 Shock dose As the Hydroxypure system uses a highly oxygenated environment and as the hybrid ozone produces a powerful natural oxidiser, the use of regular shock dose type oxidisers is not required. Maintaining a level of 100ppm Perox (hydrogen peroxide), ensuring the system is functioning correctly and Perox Perfect products as recommended will maintain the pool in a safe and pristine state.

Should the pool look cloudy or green, follow the Troubleshooting Guide below and if required follow the Green/Cloudy Pool Recovery Guide to return the pool to pristine condition

7.2 Recommended Chemical List

7.2.1 USE ONLY:

i. Perox hydrogen peroxide blends

ii. Perox Perfect

iii. Hydrochloric Acid (Muratic Acid)

iv. pH buffer can and should be used regularly in small amounts to balance the pool

v. swimming pool chemicals generally available to adjust calcium hardness may be used

vi. Aqua~Health Sentinel

vii. Perox Start-Up

7.2.2 DO NOT USE:

i. Chlorine or any form of chlorine based product

ii. Bromine

iii. Lithium Chloride

iv. Any Stabiliser such as cyanuric acid

v. Any metal or copper based algaecides

vi. Any algae or phosphate treatments not listed in this manual

7.3 Chemical Supply

The installer will recommend a local supplier of the recommended products. For further information or a list of other suppliers in your area, please contact your local Waterco branch.

7.4 Dynamic Venturi Injector Assembly

The Dynamic Ozone Injector Assembly has been designed to give optimum control over the injection of ozone under all flow conditions. Multispeed energy saving pumps have variable speed options so it is important that a flow of ozone is always maintained by adjusting the valve to the correct position and ensuring the pump is set to the optimal speed for attaining such flow of ozone.

The Injector Piece is set by rotating the valve on the injector towards the “on” position until the gauge indicator is in the middle of the YELLOW ZONE. This should be done after the primary pool filter is clean and all leaf baskets in pool skimmer and filtration pump are empty. As the filter begins to become clogged, or the leaf baskets are full, the indicator on the gauge may fall into the green area.

It is recommended that the filter is cleaned if this occurs. Check that the venturi is operating correctly by observing bubbles flowing through the inlet of the Multicyclone. If the inlet into the Multicyclone is clear with no bubbles then the venturi is not drawing in ozone. It is essential that ozone is injecting into the system. If there is not any ozone flowing into the system the Chemical Dosing unit will not dose Perox.

7.5 Multispeed Pumps

Multispeed pumps adjust the volume of water through the pool system. Adjusting the speed of a Multispeed pump will affect the flow and vacuum through the Dynamic Venturi Injector.

When making any changes to the speed of the Multispeed pump, always adjust the Dynamic Venturi Valve so that the indicator gauge is in the YELLOW ZONE.

All pools are different. Depending on the hydraulic resistance in the pool system, running a Multispeed pump on low speed may not create enough vacuum to move the gauge into the yellow zone. If this is the case, the pump speed will need to be increased until the needle is located in the YELLOW ZONE.

7.6 Multicyclone

The MultiCyclone is patented technology that has several functions within the system.  The ozone is injected via the Dynamic Venturi Injector which creates micro bubbles of hybrid ozone. The bubbles are then mixed within the MultiCyclone while simultaneously oxidising bacterial and organic matter. This reaction creates small and large particles which are then forced to the bottom of the MultiCyclone. The Multicyclone removes up to 80% of the load prior to the main filter. This process is highly efficient and forms a critical pathway for the advanced oxidation process to occur.

Periodically, the MultiCyclone will need to be cleaned. View the sediment in the clear bowl of the MultiCyclone and if required, turn the system off to clean the MultiCyclone.

Once the system is off, open the MultiCyclone drain valve to remove the water and sediment in the base. When drained simply close the drain valve and turn the system back on again. If a backwash  is required, perform that now (please refer to the Multicyclone manual for further information).

7.7 Backwashing

In order to thoroughly clean the filter media during a backwash cycle it is recommended that the Dynamic Venturi Injector Valve is rotated to the OPEN position to allow full water flow through the pool system. Once the Backwash and Rinse cycle is completed, the valve can be reset so that the needle locates in the YELLOW ZONE.

The delay function on the controller will disable chemical dosing for 10 mins each time the controller is powered off and then on. It is for this reason the pump should be stopped and started using the manual switch on the timer when backwashing your filter. This will ensure the controller is set to a delay for 10mins to allow the backwash cycle to complete without the chemical dosing unit adding chemicals. The same will occur through the rinse cycle.

7.8 Cartridge Filters

Hydroxypure is a unique system using cutting edge water treatment technology. Whilst some pool components have been designed to work with conventional sanitation technology quite well, they do require additional maintenance consideration when used with Hydroxypure. Cartridge filters are one of those components.

Due to the materials used in construction of a cartridge filter and the chemical composition of the Hydroxypure system, cartridge filters require special maintenance procedures.

The chemical compounds cannot be removed from the filter elements simply by hosing them off. Chemical compounds are bound in the element and must be dissolved prior to hosing off. If not, pressure build up within the filter will lead to a reduction in hydraulic flow.

This is similar to the requirements of a chlorine or salt pool with a cartridge filter where clarifiers or phosphate removers are used regularly.

When this happens in a Hydroxypure system, the Dynamic Venturi Injector effect is reduced and ozone is no longer drawn into the system, resulting in a system failure.

Users should have 2 cartridge elements. The first used as the current filter element. The second should be soaked in bath of water and Aqua~Health Natural Filter Cleaner for at least 24 hours prior to being hosed off (follow the dose rates provided on the product). Aqua~Health Natural Filter Cleaner will dissolve the chemical compounds held within the element for easy cleaning with a hose as normal, without effecting the Hydroxypure system.

Rotating the two cartridge elements will ensure a long cartridge life with no additional filter element costs over the long term.

Do not use other filter cleaners or detergents to clean filter elements as they can interfere with the Hydroxypure sanitation system.

7.9 Draining Water

If water is required to be drained from the pool that will take longer than 10 minutes it is recommended that the Hydroxzone unit and the Chemical Dosing unit are disconnected from the timer during this procedure. Once the procedure is completed, plug the Hydroxzone unit and Chemical Dosing unit back into the timer.

7.10 Topping Up The Pool

If you are filling the pool with new water, please refer to installation guide (Please refer to 8. WATER PREPARATION) for instructions.

It is not recommended that Bore or Well Water is used to fill or top up a pool unless it has been tested and recommended for this purpose.

When topping up your pool with tank water or town water it must be considered that this water may contain many contaminates or high metal content.

When filling the pool, the hose should be placed into the skimmer box. This is done so that the system will treat the new water as it is filling. This will help reduce the overall “shock” to the pool that the new water may present. It is not unusual to see the control unit begin to dose Perox sanitiser during this process. The system will continually treat the new water as it is added to the pool. High dosage rates of Perox sanitiser are generally experienced when new water is added. Minimising splashed water and evaporation can assist with reducing the amount of Perox sanitiser required to keep your pool looking crystal clear.

7.11 Hydroxone Maintenance/Hours

The Hydroxzone unit is rated to last 20,000 hours of continuous operation. Start up and shut down cycles should be kept to a minimum to extend the life of the lamp. The U/V lamp within the Hydroxzone unit will provide up to 80% of the maximum output for the system right up until the lamp stops working.

It is good practice to check the vacuum level on the Dynamic Venturi Piece at regular intervals to ensure there is sufficient air flow through the Hydroxzone unit.

7.12 Chemical Dosing Unit Maintenance

The chemical control unit ensures that the correct residual level of Perox is maintained within the swimming pool while also correcting pH as required. Periodical maintenance of the Chemical Dosing unit is required.

7.12.1 Dual Probe The Dual Probe should be removed and cleaned every 3-6 months. Turn the system OFF. Remove the Dual Probe, being careful not to touch the sensor tip. Clean the tip with a soft, clean cloth dipped in a small amount of methylated spirits.

7.12.2 Peristaltic Pumps The squeeze tubes of the peristaltic pumps should be replaced every one (1) year depending on the amount of chemical being used. The higher the usage, the more often replacement is required.

7.12.2 Changing of the tube without dismantling the rotor

Important: genuine parts only
Important: Never grease the tube!

The pump tube is a wearing part and must be changed after reasonable periods of time corresponding to the pictures below.

Figure 7-1 Figure 7-2 Figure 7-3 Figure 7-4

Caution: Before changing the tube always ensure, that the tubes don’t contain residual chemical. Acid and Perox may cause dangerous injuries to your eyes and to your skin. Wear protection glasses and gloves and protect the environment from escaping dosage product with a cloth if necessary.

Caution: The turning rotor can cause dangerous lesions! Always first ensure that the pump stays disconnected from the operational voltage during the changing of the tube (Switch off power to the machine!

7.13 Calibration

The Chemical Dosing unit requires annual calibration. See Chemical Dosing unit section for  full instructions.

Calibration solutions are available from your nearest Waterco dealer. 

7.14 Green Or Cloudy Water Recovery

Under normal circumstances, if the Hydroxypure system is maintained, the pool should be in pristine condition. If at initial start up, the pool is green or if the pool does go green for any other reason,  the following procedure should be followed:

NOTE: Do Not Swim While Performing This Procedure


1) Turn Hydroxypure system on in as detailed in the installation section, ensuring the Chemical Dosing unit is in SERVICE MODE.

2) Pool must be closed during the process

3)  Raise the residual hydrogen peroxide in the pool to at least 450ppm

4)  Adjust pH to 7.4

5)  Add Perox Perfect at a rate of 300mL/10,000L of pool water

6)  Filter pool for 8 hours and then turn off until the pool is clear – can be up to three days

7)  If after 3 days the pool is still green, an additional Perox shock dose may be required

8)  Vacuum to waste material on the bottom of the pool

9) When vacuuming to waste, ensure that the Dynamic Venturi Injector Valve is OPEN allowing  full flow of water through the pool system and ensure that the Chemical Dosing unit is in  SERVICE MODE.

10) Once the pool is clear and free from algae, re-set the Dynamic Injector Valve so that the gauge is in the YELLOW ZONE, and turn the Chemical Dosing unit SERVICE MODE OFF.

11) Follow the procedures in section 8. Chemical Dosing unit settings to set the Chemical Dosing unit again, ensuring that set point maintains a level of 100ppm hydrogen peroxide in the pool.

NOTE: Pool must not be swum in until peroxide level is below 200ppm

7.15 Troubleshooting

7.15.1 Eliminate all standard pool system and circulation before addressing the Hydroxypure system.

7.15.2 Check water balances to ensure no other potential issues may be contributing. Chemically balance the water before checking Hydroxypure system again.

7.15.3 Check the timer operation. Then check the control unit. This may alert to potential issues within the system such as a alarms of system faults, or low chemical drum level. You may also check the control unit displays and calibration. Compare the displays to water tests.

7.15.4 Check supply of all components. Start with the ozone supply; light operation, supply tube, connection to Dynamic Venturi Injector – and set up. Ensure the ozone is being injected to the system. Then check supply of chemicals, ensuring both Perox and acid supply; drums with adequate supply, supply tubes free and clear, peristaltic pump tubes in good condition and operating.

By following this simple 4 step process, most issues will be resolved with ease. Refer to the table below for further troubleshooting guides.

Hydroxypure Troubleshooting guide. V3

Perform basic tests first;

Is there power to  the system?
Is there sufficient water in the pool or balance tank? Are all strainers  and baskets, filters clean? Are there sufficient chemicals in the supply drums?

Is the DVI valve set correctly and the ozone flow tested?

Has the water been tested with a photometer and balanced?

Water balance parameters:

ydrogen Peroxide 100 – 150 ppm
Alkalinity 40 – 80 ppm
Calcium Hardness 180 – 400 ppm
pH 7.4 – 7.8
Phosphates < 2.5
Polyquat 2.5 – 7 ppm

E.g. mV set point (circled) pH same configuration:

Operating position:

Open/backwash position:

Closed/DO NOT USE:

Hydroxypure Troubleshooting guide. V3

Hydroxypure Troubleshooting guide. V3