Ensure that all work complies with local authority regulations and any local or organisational workplace health and safety, regulations, policies and procedures.


Store in the closed original container in an upright position in a cool, well ventilated place. Do no store in direct sunlight. Wear chemical splash goggles and rubber gloves when handling. Do not mix with other chemicals. Avoid contact with combustible materials or organic liquids as it may cause fire or explosion. If spilt, rinse, with plenty of water immediately. Do not pour unused liquid back into container. Replace cap after use. Do not replace vented cap with another cap.

  • Wear protective clothing and footwear


Triple or preferably pressure rinse containers before disposal. Add rinsings to pool. Do not dispose of undiluted chemicals on site. If recycling, replace cap and return clean container to recycler or designated collection point. If not recycling, break, crush, puncture and bury empty containers in local authority landfill. If not available, bury the container below 500mm (20in) in a disposal pit specifically marked and set up for this purpose clear of waterways, desirable vegetation and tree roots. Empty containers and product should not be burnt.


  • Corrosive.
  • Attacks eyes, nose, throat and skin.
  • Protect eyes when using.
  • Avoid contact with skin.
  • Do not inhale vapour.
  • Wash hands thoroughly after use.
  • When using the product wear rubber gloves and safety glasses


If poisoning occurs, get to a doctor or hospital quickly. Give plenty of water. If skin contact occurs, remove contaminated clothing and wash skin thoroughly with soap and water. If in eyes, hold open and flush with water for 15 minutes and see a doctor.

Notice to purchaser: Perox products are manufactured in accordance with the highest standards and therefore all conditions and warranties expressed or implied by law and all claims for negligence are excluded and our liability is limited to replacement of any portion of the product supplied which is shown to our reasonable satisfaction to be defective.