H2O2 + O3 = perox

Hydroxypure sanitisation is based on Advanced Oxidation Process, which combines Perox (H2O2) and hybrid ozone (O3) to turbocharge the sanitisation process leaving you with nothing but pure water.

The Perox Treatment Process (PTP) has the superior ability to remove bacterial threats more effectively than any other oxidisation process currently available on the market.

The use of ozone and Perox in harmony increases active oxygen levels in the water. This synergy between the two disinfectants ensures the safety of your water environment without creating harmful chemical by-products.


Perox (H₂O₂)

Perox is a formulated blend of hydrogen peroxide that is specifically designed to be used in conjunction with the Hydroxypure system.

The Perox formula has been developed to work in unison with the control system to ensure perfectly sanitised water at all times.

Hydrogen peroxide is formed in nature to control bacteria that grows all around us. During a lightning storm hydrogen peroxide is created to combine with rain and naturally cleanse the environment.

For many years, hydrogen peroxide has been widely used in alternative health treatments, from mouthwashes to antiseptic cleaner and antifungal treatments to natural whiteners.

Water and oxygen are necessary elements for the existence of human life. Therefore it seems only natural to use hydrogen peroxide, a combination of the two elements, in your swimming pool to keep it naturally clean.

Hybrid Ozone (O₃)

By simulating the action of the sun, the Hydroxypure hybrid ozone technology converts ambient air into ozone, free from impurities. 

The results are a safe, clean and effective way of using the extra oxygen molecules generated by the hybrid ozone technology, keeping your pool properly sanitised.

The natural flocculating effect (clustering of impurities) that ozone has on the water, greatly increases efficient and effective filtration. Oxidised contaminants can be easily removed leaving your pool totally clean and crystal clear.


Fully automated 

Sanitisation for complete peace of mind. 

The Hydroxypure system continually sanitises your swimming pool by testing the water and automatically maintaining optimum levels of Perox.

Cleverly responding to different demands such as hot weather, pool parties, rain and water top-ups; the Hydroxypure system will automatically adjust dosing requirements to suit.

The pH level of your pool’s water is also automatically adjusted protecting swimmers from less than favourable conditions.


The multi award winning MultiCyclone is Waterco’s latest water saving technology designed to work with the Hydroxypure system. 

It maximises the strength of sanitisation by mixing the ozone into the pool water providing adequate contact time for maximum effectiveness.

MultiCyclone reduces the workload and maintenance on filtration systems by pre-filtering incoming sediments and saves water associated with filter maintenance.

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