Easy maintenance keeping the peace at renowned resting place

“No chlorine smell or corrosion, and it produces perfect crystal clear water. It is also easy to install, fully automated and makes maintenance simple.”

A brand new architectural water feature installed in the acclaimed Muslim Burial ground in Woking UK is bringing together functionality, ease of maintenance and soothing aesthetics.

Installed by Fountains Direct, a leading UK based company who specialise in the design, installation and maintenance of both commercial and domestic fountains and water features, this sizeable project uses the newest alternative to chlorine with superb results.

Nick Roberts, Managing Director of Fountains Direct, was responsible for the design and Paul Everdell, Sales and Design Engineer at Fountains Direct, for the over view of the installation. Paul says Waterco’s chlorine-free Hydroxypure System was the obvious choice for the Muslim Burial Ground project.

“We are always looking for an alternative to chlorine and Hydroxypure presents many benefits,” he explains. “No chlorine smell or corrosion, and it produces perfect crystal clear water. It is also easy to install, fully automated and makes maintenance simple.

“We are now specifying Hydoxypure on all of our new and some existing installations.”

Completed in June 2015, the concrete water feature at the Muslim Burial Ground holds approximately 8,000 litres of water, is fully tiled and incorporates a small waterfall at one end.

Originally built as a resting place for Muslim soldiers who died during World War 1 and World War 2, this burial ground now serves as a monument to the contribution made by three million Indian service personnel, who fought alongside the Allied troops.


Installing the water feature at this site was not without its challenges.

“There were no foul drains in the filter chamber area so to bring one to it would cost a large sum of money,” says Paul. “This made Hydroxypure the best choice, as the water can be backwashed to the surface waste water system (in this case a soakaway) as there are no harsh chemicals in the water to damage the environment

Hydroxypure sanitisation is based on the Advance Oxidation Process. (AOP), which combines Perox, a chlorine free sanitiser (H²O²) and hybrid ozone (O³) to create one of the most powerful oxidisers in nature.

“Because the ground water was high in the filter area, the filter chamber floor had to be built higher than was originally designed. It took a while to gain approval from all interested parties for this.”

Also installed at the site is a Waterco Micron 30” side mount sand filter which incorporates the unique fish tail lateral under drain arrangement – this works to increase filtration quality and reduces water loss through backwashing, which were two important features on this installation.


Waterco’s patented Fish Tail laterals provide effective coverage of the filter bed and balanced water flow, resulting in 30% savings of backwash water.

These two products have been successfully keeping this famous architectural feature looking its best since it was first installed.

“The architect wanted a shallow reflective surface with little water movement so the feature had a calming effect,” explains Paul.

“The pool is very shallow, black tiled and open to full sun, so it is even more impressive that the Hydroxpure is working so well. The water is soft and does not leave lime scale marks – which is so often the case with other features that use a different sanitation system.